Friday, October 28, 2005

Libby Indicted for Perjury - When Will They Learn?

The indictment of a top White House official - Vice President Cheney's Chief of Staff - is not a good thing, but I believe the nature of the indictment evidences a significant problem - the fact that for many of us, the truth is only a passing acquaintance, and we are too stupid, or arrogant, to think it is important.

Mr. Libby is certainly innocent until the prosecutor can prove the charges in the indictment beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury. But the indictment demonstrates that some people still don't get it - and there are a number of people who are calling the charges of perjury a "technicality".

When did the truth become a technicality? It is not, and never was. Ask President Clinton, ask Martha Stewart, or any of the other individuals who have been caught in a lie.

The truth is important. If it is not important for your personal morals, it is important to keep your butt out of the slammer. You cannot lie to an investigator, a prosecutor or a grand jury. You simply cannot do it. Don't go to the interview or simply refuse to testify. But do not lie.

The truth is important. It is important in our daily lives, it is important in our professional lives, and it is important when we are being questioned by an investigator.

Does everyone get it now?
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