Sunday, February 11, 2007

Liars Liars Everywhere?

I will confess to not following the Libby trial closely - it does not involve the securities laws. However, it does involve an unfortunately related topic - perjury and obstruction of justice.

I do pay attention to some of the commentary on the trial, and came across a posting from the White Collar Crime Prof Blog on the trial. This part of the analysis was particularly striking:

The problem Fitzgerald faces -- not one of his own making -- is that just about everyone seems to be a liar. In an approach that looks to be all-too-typical of Washington today, the various witnesses appear to have viewed their initial interviews with the FBI (or grand jury) as an opportunity to spin the investigation in a way that made themselves and others look good, apparently on the belief that if the statements were later contradicted they would just move on to a different story. Pretty much standard procedure in a campaign, so why not try it with the investigators?

If true, this is a very troubling commentary on our government - and the media, since Russert and Miller are two of the witnesses whose testimony is troubling according to the article.

Read the full post here.
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