Thursday, October 8, 2009

SEC Continues Mark Cuban Fight

The SEC is in trouble. We all know that, and they need to show that they are active, aggressive and enforcing the securities laws. So, we get surprise examinations, a flurry of press releases and other assorted activity. Good for them, they need to regroup and recover from their recent failures.

But do you gain respect and reputation by pursuing bad cases? Of course not,and someone needs to tell the decision makers at the Commission. In August the SEC announced that it would not refile a complaint against Cuban, and yesterday the SEC annouced that it will appeal the court decision which tossed out their complaint against Mark Cuban.

The decision was not much of a surprise. The Commission was on thin ice, and stretching the law in the Cuban case, which is why the Court dismissed the complaint. Our analysis is here, and all of our posts related to Mark Cuban are here. The WSJ story on the appeal, with background information is here.

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