Friday, November 22, 2013

Adobe Hack Exposes 150 Million Passwords

Last month, Adobe announced hackers stole login information for some 38 million of its customers. This month estimates have run as high as 150 million users.

Many Internet companies are now notifying their users to change their password. As we all know, despite the risk, we use the same password at different sites. If the hackers have your email address and password at Adobe, maybe they have your email address and password for Facebook, or LinkedIn, or Evernote, or Dropbox, or............the possibilities are endless.

You need to change your passwords. To make this a bit easier, you can check if your account was one of the ones obtained by the hackers - press reports say that if you have an account at Adobe, your information was stolen, it is that bad.

Information on how to find out if you were includes is at

Change your passwords!

For more information visit After Adobe Hack, Other Sites Reset Passwords - Digits - WSJ 

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