Monday, February 22, 2016

FINRA Panel Crushes UBS in Puerto Rico Case -

UBS is defending against hundreds of customer complaints and arbitration claims, collectively seeking $1.5 billion in damages, relating to its sale and promotion of Puerto Rican bonds and funds invested in those bonds.
Corcho Beach in Vieques island, Puerto Rico.

Having already paid over $280 million in settlements for their disaster in Puerto Rico, UBS has just been slammed by another FINRA arbitration panel, and have been ordered to pay an investor $1.4 million which included $249,000 in attorney's fees.

Puerto Rico bonds were sold to investors in Puerto Rico and in the States as safe and low-risk, tax free, investments. However, with poor economic conditions in Puerto Rico, the bonds were actually near junk levels.

While UBS is thought to be the largest broker-dealer promoting these bonds, other bond funds contain these bonds and may be the cause of significant losses for investors.

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