Sunday, January 14, 2007

Can Small Firms Handle Big, Complex Cases?

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog asks the question, and provides an analysis - the answer is yes. Having spent my entire career at small firms, it is no surprise that my answer to this question is "of course, and we do it more efficiently." The real surprise however, came from the comments in the WSJ blog's post on the topic.

Certainly, large firms have an advantage. In a case where 60 depositions need to be taken in 60 days, a 10 attorney boutique cannot handle the matter by itself. That statement begs the question - when was the last time there was such a case? In 25 years of practicing law, I have never seen such a case, nor have I ever heard of such a case. Does that mean they do not exist? I am sure that they must, but I cannot imagine the senario where an experienced litigator would allow himself to be placed in such a position.

When that case comes along, I will refer it to a mega firm. However, the fact is, litigation is going to be handled by a small group of attorneys, typically two or three with some support, and it does not matter whether the law firm has 10 attorneys or 1,000.

If you have the right attorney, who has the right experience and skill, the size of the firm is irrelevant.
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