Friday, December 5, 2008

SEC Spends $4 Million For Staff Convenience

What the heck is going on? Does the SEC have so much money (read "so much of YOUR money") that it doesn't know what to do with it?

They are spending over FOUR MILLION DOLLARS to move the staff's offices around, to make it more convenient for them to get to their files. Imagine that, they are being inconvenienced because their physical files are not on the same floor as their office, and some of their co-workers are not on the same floor.

One of my co-workers not only doesn't work on the same floor as me, he is about 500 miles away from me! Some of my files are in storage about 5 miles away. For 10 bucks Fred brings them to me.

Maybe someone should introduce the SEC IT staff to email and Remote Desktop.

Nah, just spend another 4 million dollars of our money. After all, that is nothing compared to the 20 million in cost overruns that they spent when they put up their new office building three years ago.

Yes, they just moved three years ago. No problem, it's not their money, and no one is going to tell them that they can't spend it.

So gee, lets spend 4 million to shuffle everyone around.

Al Kamen - As Investment Banking Keeps Changing, SEC Regulators Keep Moving -
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