Friday, December 11, 2009

UBS To Reward Reps for Loyalty and Growth

Competition for brokers - or rather their assets - has intensified over the past two years as firms consolidate. My firm has seen a significant increase in the number of broker transition cases we are handling, both in brokers who are being forced out of their positions, and in those who are voluntarily changing firms.

UBS was one of the firms that was aggressively luring brokers from the competition, at one point in time offering over two times their trailing 12 months gross commissions to join UBS. Of course, those checks came with significant handcuffs - promissory notes with up to 9 years of forgiveness.

UBS is apparently trying to insure that they don't lose those reps. Registered Representative is reporting that the firm has unveiled a new compensation program that will reward the firm's biggest financial advisors for loyalty and growth.

The program applies to advisors who have at least $500,000 in revenue in 2010, which apparently applies to approximately 3,000 of UBS’s network of 7,000 advisors. Those brokers would receive 65% of their gross production for 2010, structured as a seven-year forgivable loan.


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