Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cetera Rebrands Its Independent B-Ds

Cetera Financial Group i has announced a rebranding each ofits four broker-dealers with new names that all begin with Cetera.

  • Genworth Financial Investment Services, acquired earlier this year from insurer Genworth Financial, largely comprises advisors with expertise in tax and accounting. It will become Cetera Financial Specialists, eliminating confusion about any continued association with its former owner.
  • Multi-Financial Securities, consisting of entrepreneurially minded advisors who, according to Brown, prefer a direct connection to the home office, is being renamed Cetera Advisors.
  • PrimeVest, with advisors in banks, credits unions and other financial institutions, will become Cetera Financial Institutions.
  • Financial Network, composed of advisors grouped into regional networks, will retain its regional orientation, becoming Cetera Advisor Networks.

Financial Planning has more details at their site.

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