Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Challenges in Transitioning Away From Your BD

My securities law practice involves most every aspect of the brokerage industry, and at various times I represent a significant number of brokers who are leaving their broker-dealers, for what they hope are greener pastures. Over the years I have assisted brokers in all sorts of transitions - firm to firm, firm to independent firm, firm to investment adviser firms - even starting their own investment advisory firm.

While every situation is somewhat unique, brokers face the same challenges in the transition process - some of those challenges are legal, some are business oriented. While I believe I have faced and dealt with every challenge over the years, I thought my readers and clients might find this article, by a Phillip Flakes, who assists brokers in finding, and partnering with new financial firms, helpful in identifying those issues.

If you are considering a move, take a few minutes to review this article, which presents the business side of the issues. Then, while I am better known for the litigation side of the transition process, in particular the defense of promissory note cases, if you decide to make a change, give me a call to seek how I can assist you in that transition. Ligitation is not always the answer - careful planning can often avoid litigation.

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Identifying and Overcoming the Challenges of Transitioning.

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