Thursday, June 12, 2014

Secure that First Investor examines the concept that investors do not like to be alone. It's all about shared risk.

Calling it the "me, too" world of venture capital, where everyone appears to invest as part of a syndicate. Indeed, the typical first question out of a VC's mouth when talking to a startup about investing is, "Who's leading this?" The question points to a paradox about VCs in general. Everyone wants to tout that they're the best at sniffing out the next WhatsApp, but when it comes to putting money behind that startup, they want some other firm to have skin in the game first.

Nobody in the VC world likes to go it alone.

In the eyes of entrepreneurs, this makes VCs look like a scared bunch, but there is a rationale to this: It hedges risk. By syndicating an investment--even if the total amount invested is small enough for a firm to manage on its own--there is a bigger pool of funds available for future funding rounds or, alternatively, a reduction in losses should things go south. The more investors at the table, the more they can share the cost and time of conducting due diligence and hammering out term sheets.

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