Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Forced Annuitization Harms Elderly Investors

One of our advisory clients came to us with a new problem - the forced annuitization of a variable annuity. The problem - forced annuitization cancels the death benefit on the policy.

With some of these older policies being under water, annuitization creates a stream of payments that are less than the death benefit. For elderly clients who may not need the stream of payments this is obviously a huge problem,

The problem is that often buried within the fine print of variable annuity prospectuses, insurers detail the conditions under which they will distribute a client's annuity in the form of a stream of payments. When signing up for a contract, clients can choose an annuity commencement date — the date on which they will begin receiving income payouts — but insurers usually set an upper limit on the age by which clients must start receiving payouts. Typically, this ranges anywhere between the mid-80s to as late as 95 or 100, depending on the carrier and the terms of the contract.

For more information - The ticking time bomb of forced drawdowns on variable annuities

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