Monday, December 8, 2014

Strong Markets Encourage Scammers

The New York Post has a timely warning. Directed at senior citizens, it is a good read for broker and all investors.
The ubiquity of fraud solicitation, coupled with the inability of many people to recognize the red flags of fraud, place a large number of Americans at risk of losing money to scams — with older Americans at the greatest risk,” according to the FINRA Investor Education Foundation report. 
While the article claims that memories of Madoff are dimming, a Madoff Scheme is not the one that most investors should be worried about. Investing in hot tips, sure fire wins and profits that are beyond belief are what investors need to be concerned about.

For more information - Strong markets encourage scammers to prey on elderly | New York Post. if you are concerned about a scam, get in touch with us at 212-509-6544. We may be able to review your investment at no cost to you.

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