Monday, May 18, 2015

SEC News - False Claims, ITT Fraud, Insider Trading

SEC Sues Retirement Planners for Making False Claims to Investors
A self-described retirement planning firm and its principals have been charged with falsely telling customers that interests in life settlements they offered and sold were “guaranteed,” “safe as CDs,” and “federally insured.”

Fraud Charges Announced Against ITT Educational Services
Fraud charges have been announced against ITT Educational Services Inc., its chief executive officer, and its chief financial officer.

Nationwide Life Insurance Company Charged With Pricing Violations
Nationwide Life Insurance Company has been charged with routinely violating pricing rules in its daily processing of purchase and redemption orders for variable insurance contracts and underlying mutual funds.

Father and Son Charged in $1.1 Million Insider Trading Scheme
A father and son in New York have been charged with conducting a serial insider trading scheme involving tips of key nonpublic information in coded e-mail messages disguised as discussions about golf.