Thursday, September 22, 2016

PNC Employee Wins U-5 Expungement and Damages

A former broker at PNC sued PNC for a dirty U-5, alleging defamation, libel, misconduct, wrongful termination, and wrongdoing in connection with the termination of his employment.


A FINRA arbitration panel awarded him over $100,000, plus attorneys fees, and ordered his U-5 amended to state that his termination was arbitrary and capricious.

A significant win for the broker. Remember - your CRD Record is forever, and public. You need to make sure it stays clean, and you need to take action to protect and correct it.

Thanks to Bill Singer for alerting use to this award - Defamed PNC Employee Wins Dramatic Expungement 

If you are registered with FINRA and believe that your firm has filed a false U5, call Sallah Astarita & Cox. Their attorneys have decades of experience in representing brokers and firms in employment matters, including U-5 defamation cases.

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