Monday, June 12, 2017

TIC Investment Claims Under Investigation

Moody Investments 

Some attorneys are claiming to be investigating Moody National CY DT Columbus S TIC and other Tenant in Common investments.

A tenant-in-common investment ("TIC") is an investment by the taxpayer in real estate which is co-owned with other investors. Since the taxpayer holds deed to real estate as a tenant in common, the investment qualifies under the like-kind rules of §1031.

TIC investments are typically made in projects such as apartment houses, shopping centers, office buildings, etc. TIC sponsors arrange TIC syndications to comply with the limitations articulated by the IRS with Rev Proc 2002-22 which, among other things, limits the number of investors to 35.

If you have losses in a Tenant-In-Common investment, from Moody or any other sponsor, we would like to speak to you. Give us a call at 212-509-6544.

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