Thursday, April 5, 2018

Recruiters Roundtable: All quiet on the Broker Protocol front? | On Wall Street

Recruiters Roundtable: All quiet on the Broker Protocol front? 

On Wall Street has released the first of three transcripts of a round table discussion with financial industry recruiters. The discussion is interesting, and provides an insight into the current recruiting trends from a recruiter's point of view.

The craziness of UBS and Morgan Stanley leaving the Protocol, the surge in independent firms and RIAs are discussed in this installment.

 On Wall Street recently beckoned its panel of industry recruiters to our offices in lower Manhattan for our annual gabfest to discuss trends in advisors’ career paths. When, where, why and how to move were the topics du jour.
We also discussed their views on the Broker Protocol, the #MeToo movement, advisor compensation and where the next generation of advisors will come from. We talked about which brokerage should be emulated (but isn’t) by others in the industry, and which of our participants no longer dreams of playing in the NBA. 

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