Thursday, September 26, 2019

SEC Adopts New Rule to Modernize Regulation of Exchange-Traded Funds

The SEC has voted to adopt a new rule and form amendments that are designed to modernize the regulation of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), by establishing a framework for the vast majority of ETFs operating today. The SEC believes that the adoption will facilitate greater competition and innovation in the ETF marketplace, leading to more choice for investors. It also will allow ETFs to come to market more quickly without the time or expense of applying for individual exemptive relief. In addition, the Commission voted to issue an exemptive order that further harmonizes related relief for broker-dealers.

ETFs relying on the rule and related exemptive order will have to comply with certain conditions designed to protect investors, including conditions regarding transparency and disclosure. To help create a consistent ETF regulatory framework, one year after the effective date of the rule, the Commission is rescinding exemptive relief previously granted to certain ETFs, including those that will be permitted to operate in reliance on the rule. The rule and form amendments will be effective 60 days after publication in the Federal Register, but there will be a one-year transition period for compliance with the form amendments.
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