Monday, December 2, 2019

Chief Administrative Law Judge Brenda Murray to Retire

The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that Chief Administrative Law Judge Brenda Murray is retiring after 50 years of federal service, including 25 years as Chief Administrative Law Judge of the SEC.

The SEC's press release claims that she presided with impartiality and expertise over Commission cases against those charged with fraud and other violations of securities laws. During her tenure, the Commission came to rely on her clarity of opinions and thoughtful approach to this important role. Others found her to be extremely biased in favor of the Commission, ruling in the Commission's favor in the overwhelming number of cases.

Judge Murray joined the SEC as Administrative Law Judge in January 1988. She was promoted to Chief Administrative Law Judge on March 20, 1994. Judge Murray earned her juris doctor from Boston University Law School and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Maryland.

The Commission has appointed the remaining three Administrative Law Judges to each serve successive 120-day details as Acting Chief Administrative Law Judge commencing Dec. 1, 2019, beginning with Judge Carol Fox Foelak followed by Judge James Grimes and then Judge Jason Patil.
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